At Print Protocol, we uphold a commitment to transparency and efficiency in our token tax system, ensuring the seamless operation and sustainability of our platform. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of how our unique protocol functions: Auto-Swap Functionality:

Print Protocol leverages a proprietary script to enable auto-swap functionality for our token taxes. This script efficiently manages the distribution of Solana received through swaps, allocating it appropriately between our operations wallet and all token holders.

How It Operates:

The distinguishing feature of Print Protocol lies in the capabilities facilitated by our proprietary script. Let's delve into its operation:

Step 1: Tax Collection

We've automated the collection of token taxes to our deployer wallet. Whenever a swap or transfer occurs, 8% of all tokens are earmarked into a designated 'tax token account.' Our script routinely monitors these accounts, collecting and transferring the tokens to the deployer.

Step 2: Swap Execution

While gathering taxes, our script monitors the $PRINT token balance in the deployer wallet. Once this balance surpasses the swap threshold (1 million $PRINT), a swap is initiated via Fluxbeam to convert the tokens into Solana.

Step 3: Fair Distribution

Our current tax structure allocates 8% of taxes, with 2% directed to the operations wallet and 6% distributed as rewards among token holders. Accordingly, our script transfers 25% of the received Solana from the token swap to the operations wallet (0.08 * 0.25 = 0.02, as per our predefined tax structure).

Following this transaction, the script compiles a list of token holders and distributes the remaining Solana proportionately to their $PRINT holdings. Each holder's Solana allocation correlates directly with their $PRINT ownership. Liquidity Providers (LP) are excluded from receiving rewards.

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