Math to Calculate Rewards

New: Look in to your potential earnings with ease through the rewards calculator available at Simply input your $PRINT holdings, volume and discover the rewards you stand to gain from Print Protocol's innovative reward systems Follow these steps to calculate your rewards using the provided formula:

Step 1: Calculate the X value by multiplying the total 24-hour volume by 0.06.

Step 2: Determine the Y value by dividing the total coin in your wallet by the total supply of 10 billion.

Step 3: Multiply the X and Y values to obtain your rewards.

Example: Suppose Print achieves $1,000,000 in volume in 24 hours, resulting in daily rewards of 6%, where X = $60,000.

Normie Norman holds 5,000,000 coins in his wallet, which is 0.0005 of the total supply (5M/10B).

Thus, multiplying X and Y (60,000 * 0.0005) gives $30 a day for Normie Norman.

This example illustrates $30 a day with just 1 million in volume. Rewards increase exponentially with higher volumes. For instance, on $10 million volume days, Normie Norman would earn $300.

During peak bull runs, multimillion hourly candles were observed, leading to potentially significant rewards.

Ensure to adjust the values according to your specific circumstances for accurate calculations.

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