Add/Remove Liquidity

To add or remove liquidity on PrintDEX, follow these straightforward steps:

Access the Pools Menu: Navigate to the Pools section where you can view all pools created on PrintDEX.

Select the Desired Pool: From the list of pools available, choose the one in which you want to add or remove liquidity.

Add or Remove Liquidity: Once you've selected a pool, you'll find options to either "Add Liquidity" or "Remove Liquidity." Click on the appropriate button based on your desired action.

Adding Liquidity: If you choose to add liquidity, you'll be directed to a menu where you can specify the amount of Solana and the token you want to add to the pool. Input the desired amounts accordingly.

Removing Liquidity: If you opt to remove liquidity, you can select the amount you wish to remove from the pool.

Review Your Position: Additionally, the platform displays your current position in the pool, allowing you to assess your liquidity contribution or withdrawal accurately.

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