Transfer Hooks

In PrintDEX transfer hooks serve as critical components for enhancing security and promoting responsible token usage within the DEX. Transfer hooks are specialized functions integrated into the token smart contracts, which trigger actions before or after token transfers, enforcing predefined rules and conditions to ensure safer and more reliable transactions.

Max Wallets and Transactions Hooks:

Within PrintDEX, two key transfer hooks are utilized: Max Wallets and Max Transactions. These hooks enforce maximum limits on the number of tokens held in individual wallets and the size of transactions. By restricting large token concentrations and excessive transaction volumes, these hooks mitigate risks associated with market manipulation and rug pulls, safeguarding project integrity and investor interests.

While these are primary hooks utilized in PrintDEX at launch, there are various other transfer hooks, which can serve different purposes The Max Transaction setting is based on the total token supply rather than the Max Wallet setting. For instance, if the token supply amounted to 1 billion units and Max tx is set to 1%, a single transaction could not exceed 10 million units regardless of the setting for Max Wallets

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