Rewards for $PRINT Holders

Print Protocol has revolutionized reward systems through its innovative token tax system, paving the way for effortless earnings and the growth of the $PRINT ecosystem. This document outlines the workings of Print Protocol's reward mechanisms and provides insight into the upcoming revenue share via PrintDEX .

Reward Mechanisms: Current system based on taxes over $PRINT volume

  1. Auto-Swap Functionality: Efficient distribution of Solana obtained through token taxes.

  2. Tax Collection: 8% of tokens collected for tax distribution.

  3. Fair Distribution: 6% of taxes distributed among $PRINT token holders based on ownership.

(Soon to be implemented) PrintDEX Revenue Share: PrintDEX introduces a groundbreaking revenue model focused on rewarding $PRINT token holders.

  1. Transparent Fee Structure: 0.0005 SOL Protocol Fee on all swaps on the Dex.

  2. Fee Distribution:

    • 15% for $PRINT Buy Backs

    • 25% for PrintDEX Treasury

    • 60% as Revenue Share to $PRINT Holders

Estimated rewards calculator:

Look into your potential earnings with ease through the rewards calculator available at Simply input your $PRINT holdings and estimated volume. Discover the rewards you stand to gain from Print Protocol's innovative reward systems

Conclusion: Print Protocol's reward systems, coupled with the revshare from PrintDEX, promise increased rewards and sustained growth for $PRINT token holders.

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