PrintDex Revshare Math

Our decentralized exchange (Dex), operates a revenue sharing model to distribute a portion of the trading revenue among PRINT token holders. This document illustrates how revenue sharing works on PrintDex through a practical example.

Calculation Example

Assuming that 8000 swaps on PrintDex represent approximately $1 million in trading volume.

Given that each swap generates revenue of 0.0005sol ($0,09 currently) the total revenue from 8000 swaps is $720.

With 60% of the revenue allocated for distribution among PRINT token holders, the amount available for sharing is 60% of $720, which equals $432.

For every $1 million of trading volume on PrintDex, PRINT token holders will collectively receive $432 to be shared. This amount scales linearly with trading volume.

Using data from a random day on other Dexes:

  • Total swaps from Dexes in 24 hours = 6.9 million swaps.

  • Assuming PrintDex captures 10% of that volume, we get 690,000 swaps.

Dividing 690,000 swaps by 8000 yields an estimated trading volume of 86.25 million.

Multiplying this volume by the revenue share per $1 million ($432) gives an estimated revenue to be shared of approximately $36,600. The revenue to be shared among PRINT token holders is distributed based on their PRINT token holdings. The more PRINT tokens a holder possesses, the larger their share of the revenue pool.

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