Update Tokens

PrintDEX offers various options for updating token settings to ensure smooth operations and flexibility. Here's a brief overview of these options:

Changing Taxes:

  • You can adjust the tax rates for buying and selling transactions associated with a specific token. This allows you to modify the fees users incur when trading the token on PrintDEX.

Managing Whitelists:

  • PrintDEX enables you to create whitelists for wallet addresses exempt from paying taxes or other restrictions. This feature offers flexibility in managing exemptions for specific users or entities.

Adjusting Maximum Wallet and Transaction Settings:

  • PrintDEX allows you to set maximum limits for the percentage of tokens held in individual wallets and the percentage of tokens transacted in a single transaction. This helps in preventing large concentrations of tokens in a single wallet or transaction, promoting healthier market dynamics.

Controlling Mint and Freeze Authorities:

  • You have the option to revoke mint and freeze authorities for a token. Revoking mint authority prevents additional tokens from being created, while revoking freeze authority disables the ability to freeze token transfers.

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