PrintDex Fee Structure

At PrintDEX, we prioritize transparency and sustainability in our fee structure to ensure the growth and success of projects listed on our decentralized exchange. Here's an overview of our fee system:

Platform Fee:

  • 0.25% of all swaps conducted on PrintDEX will be designated as a Platform Fee.

  • The entire 0.25% platform fee is diligently reinvested back into the tokens' liquidity. By doing so, we actively contribute to the Total Value Locked (TVL) growth, fostering a healthy ecosystem for all tokens listed on PrintDEX.

Protocol Fee:

  • In addition to the Platform Fee, a 0.0005 SOL Protocol Fee will be applied to all swaps. This serves as our primary revenue generation mechanism, ensuring the sustainability of our platform.

Innovative Revenue Model:

  • Unlike traditional decentralized exchanges that often retain a portion of the Platform Fee as revenue, PrintDEX takes a unique approach. We aim to avoid negative impacts on projects by refraining from withdrawing liquidity earned through protocol fees whilst prioritizing the rewards for $PRINT token holders.

Fee Distribution:

  • Our proposed fee distribution reflects our commitment to rewarding token holders and supporting the growth of projects:

    • 15% of Protocol Fees allocated for $PRINT Buy Backs.

    • 25% directed to the PrintDex™ Treasury for operational and development purposes.

    • 60% distributed as Revenue Share to $PRINT Holders, incentivizing participation and long-term engagement.

We believe that a fair and transparent fee structure is essential for fostering a thriving decentralized exchange ecosystem. Through our innovative approach to fees, we aim to empower projects, support growth in liquidity, and reward our valued $PRINT holders.

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