Create Pool

To create a liquidity pool (LP) on PrintDEX, follow these simple steps:

Navigate to the Liquidity Menu: Access the Liquidity section from the menu.

Select "Create Pool": Within the Liquidity menu, locate and click on the "Create Pool" button.

Enter Token Information: Specify the token pair for which you wish to create the LP. You'll be prompted to enter details such as the token symbols or addresses.

Set Up Liquidity: After selecting the token pair, input the desired amount of Solana (SOL) to pair with the token. This determines the liquidity provided for the pair.

No Additional Fees: Unlike other decentralized exchanges (DEXs), PrintDEX streamlines the LP creation process by eliminating the need for additional fees, such as creating a separate market ID. This ensures a hassle-free experience for LP creators.

By following these steps, you can easily create liquidity pools on PrintDEX, contributing to the vibrant ecosystem and enabling seamless token swapping for users.

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